September 2018
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Transform lives, one wish at a time.

Wishes help children replace fear with confidence, sadness with joy, and anxiety with hope.

How to Help

Become a Monthly Donor

Your contribution will have a direct impact on the life of wish kids. Many families and healthcare providers believe the wish experience can change the odds for a child battling a critical illness, but we can't do it without you.

Volunteer Your Time

When they smile, you'll smile. Join a caring community of people who improve the lives of children battling critical illnesses and see firsthand the power of pure joy when you grant a wish.

Raise Funds

When it comes to raising funds for Make-A-Wish, the only limit is your imagination. You can host a fundraising event, donate your birthday and raise funds online, start a dress-down day at the office... the opportunities are endless!

Help us reach every eligible child.


Every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with a critical illness in the U.S.


Every 34 minutes a child is granted a wish somewhere in the U.S.


Only 60% of the children who are eligible for a wish are being reached. Please help us to close that gap.

Family Spotlight

By Jaime Wintringer

Ella’s wish was granted two years ago, but Make-A-Wish is still a part of her life – in more ways than one. Even long after our days on the beach in the Bahamas, the impact of her wish lives on. It is a power I truly believe in.


Experiences shape who you are as a person, and a wish experience is truly different than any other. It gives children renewed energy and strength – something we’ve seen firsthand before the wish and after.


Most recently, Ella went into the hospital for a major reconstructive surgery. She was expected to be hospitalized for at least one month – she was out in less than a week and a half. Her surgeon was floored, and didn’t understand how she did it. He was stunned, at a loss for words; he’d never seen anything like it. I definitely believe it’s because of the wish. It gave her the power to be able to fight. Those memories excited her. She had something to reflect on, and to motivate her to want to get home.

The Wintringers

Wish Impact

Research shows, and physicians agree, wishes can help improve a child’s quality of life and produce better health outcomes. Learn more about the real impact of a wish.


A wish transforms the lives of children, families, volunteers, medical professionals and entire communities. Read stories from life-changing wishes and beyond.

News and Events

Read more about recent news and local events benefiting Make-A-Wish in our community.

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