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Connor’s Wish was the Best Last Memory for his Family

Kerry Ann Troy is a Long Beach native who has been a part of the Long Beach Polar Bears Super Bowl Splash almost since its inception. Her son, Connor, who was born with a neuromuscular disease, had his wish granted in 2012. We spoke to Kerry Ann about her son and creating Team Connor in his memory.

Jack Wishes that You’d Just Swab Your Cheek

Spare Parts: Giving My Daughter Life – Not Just Once, But Twice

“Every January, my husband and I sit down to talk about our goals for the New Year. We discuss where we want to go on vacation, what home projects we want to work on, what our career goals are, and where we want to serve in our community. We also include our children – Alanna 15, Emmett 5, Griffin 3 – in the discussion to set goals for them, as well.

January 2019, we did this as we always do, completely unaware at how our lives could completely change in a span of five days.”

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